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Aligned Living Success Story - Hope Boynton

Hope experienced some difficulty with the birth of her first child which caused permanent damage to her lower back resulting in chronic pain. Having been a competitive cheerleader and used to living an active lifestyle, this obstacle was troubling both physically and mentally. Most of the popular approaches to fitness that her friends were into - such as the currently trendy high-intensity interval fitness programs - weren’t an option for her. Frustrated with limited options and back pain, she found Pilates. 

She’s one of our more advanced clients now! By strengthening her core and focusing on spinal flexibility her back pain has decreased significantly, but perhaps more notable are the effects it’s had on her serenity in the everyday. She’s able to live in a strong, fit body alleviating the frustrations of being hindered by back pain. 

“The peaceful environment at the Aligned Living Pilates Studio is me-time. I get a break from being a mother, a business owner and all the other stresses of everyday life and focus on myself for a little while. Pilates has made a huge difference in my quality of life.”

And as you can see here, she looks AMAZING!

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