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Aligned Living Success Story - Bess Shriver

Bess' neck was seriously injured in a car accident in 2008 resulting in a cervical disk fusion. The fusion alleviated some pain but left her with limited mobility. Before the accident she was an avid rock climber but had to give it up entirely due to the weakened structure of her cervical spine. As a Graphic Designer she spends long hours in front of a computer which also aggravated her condition. "When I started taking Pilates Cory literally had to hold my head in her hand just to hold a simple ab crunch position, after a little more than a year I can do any Pilates exercise thrown at me!" Strengthening her core and shifting her posture into a better alignment has given the weak muscles in her neck the support they needed to activate and strengthen too. The focus on spinal mobility in Pilates keeps the musculature in her upper thoracic area from becoming stiff and the painful muscle spasms she was having are gone. Work has become easier on her body by developing a deeper awareness."I've become conscious of my posture while sitting in front of the computer and I've learned to not hold my neck in compromising positions. I can catch myself doing it and correct it whereas before I didn't recognize it at all." She has also begun some easy climbing at indoor rock climbing gyms recently with success! "I'm so grateful for Cory and Melinda at the Aligned Living studio - they've helped me change my body so that I can live the way I did before the accident, I thought I'd never experience that again." Watching our clients grow and succeed is one of the greatest pleasures of teaching Pilates. Bess' success story is a perfect example of the power of this beautiful system of changing the body to live a better life. 

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