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Aligned Living Success Story - Carlie Maridakis

Carlie formerly lived out of state and maintained fitness by traditional, main stream methods such as personal trainers and TRX suspension training which she enjoyed and found effective. However, when she moved back to Georgia her routines started to fail due to the stressors experienced during a big life change - such as relocating. Her motivation dwindled and she suddenly found herself struggling in daily activities such as simply climbing stairs. She did some research on Pilates and decided it was a good fit for her.

She started at another Pilates studio with our own Melinda Wright.
“When I met Melinda I knew that she'd be the perfect fit for my somewhat cantankerous personality. She not only pushed me, but encouraged me to push myself, even when I knew - or thought I knew I couldn't do something. When I started a year ago I could barely hold my legs up in table top for an extended period of time. I'm proud to say that now I can get through an entire intermediate class with other clients much more advanced than myself. Pilates is unlike any other workout I've done because I focus more on how my body feels as I'm doing the exercise, rather than just getting the rep done. My strength is returning as is my confidence. It's weird - when I'm at home I find myself staring at my knees, making sure they are tracking over my feet, and practicing my "attitude" position in the mirror...Pilates has done all of that.. 

I feel like it's important to mention that we are only as strong as the teachers who give us the tools to succeed. Melinda is that teacher who has been such a consistent source of strength and encouragement, and for this I'm truly grateful.”

There’s something to be said about bonding with your Pilates instructor! The changes we notice through the method of Pilates not only strengthens the body but strengthens our entire being. When the body is aligned properly so is the mind and soul. We as instructors gain so much from taking our clients on a journey to a better self. The instructor / client relationship is so much more than just teaching, it’s a mutually beneficial process of personal growth. It’s truly why we do what we do!

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