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An aligned life is a better life.  Join us for the transformation.

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Here are some nice things people have to say about us...

In the 10 short months that I’ve been doing Pilates, I’ve gained more muscle and tone than I have with years of working out with personal trainers. I love what Melinda has done for me in such a short time. She’s helping me reach my fitness goals and pushes me when I need pushing. Cory convinced me to try Pilates and I’m so happy she did because it truly was exactly what I needed! I recommend Aligned Living to everyone all the time!
— Cheryl B.
Doing Pilates has improved my balance and sense of well-being. It’s almost addictive! Pilates complements any exercise routine you may already have. It improves posture and heightens your awareness to all your muscles.
— Marjorie K.
Pilates has helped my to rehab areas I have injured and strengthened areas that are weaker. I am learning so much about control and precision of my movements that translates to my everyday activities outside of Pilates. It has done wonders to balance my mind and body, and awakened my mind-body connection.
— Deborah H.
Curiosity is what drew me to Pilates to begin with. Soon after beginning I broke my foot. I was able to continue with Pilates with modifications until the doctor told me to stop until my foot healed. What he did not understand was the modifications that were used and how it helped me continue to build strength in other areas of my body I could still use. When it came time for physical therapy for my foot, the Pilates actually helped with getting my range of motion back as much as the physical therapy did. Pilates has also helped with arthritis by keeping my joints lubricated and massaged more with the movements that are done during a session. If I’m achy going in, I’m not when I leave. I highly recommend Pilates for ALL age groups.
— Kimberly P.

Teacher Training Testimonials

Cory was outstanding! The material was presented very well and the manual is good but the real life experience Cory brought to the training to help us in learning the material was great. The philosophy behind Balanced Body makes me so excited to share this with my clients.
— Gold’s Gym, Orlando - Reformer 1 and Movement Principles
Cory was a great teacher! She explained all the exercises very well and taught us how to modify certain exercises for the age group we will be teaching. She was very enthusiastic; you can really tell she loves what she does.
— Eastern Illinois University - Mat 1 and Movement Principles
BBU’s Reformer 1 workshop led by Cory Garner was excellent. Cory did a fantastic job of conveying the material with a good balance of relaying the overall exercises and providing more detailed information about cueing, teaching, and seeing different bodies. The weekend was very fun and inspiring!
— Body Awareness Studio - Reformer 1 and Movement Principles
I found Cory Garner to be a well skilled instructor trainer. She has a wonderful classroom manner and easily shares her knowledge with everyone.
— Body Awareness Studio - Mat 1 and Movement Principles
Cory did an excellent job. Appreciated the realistic easy going approach balanced with a wealth of knowledge and instructor teaching experience.
— Body & Soul Wellness Center and Spa - Reformer 2 Module

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